Ambient albums


Rasul Mono - Silhouettes

Year: 2011
Catalogue: LON001

Rasul Mono "Silhouettes"
Russian Federation, LP, 2011

Rasul Mono and his "Silhouettes" opens a new stage in Lomeanor's life and shows the current mood and musical preferences of our label.
Created during 2,5 year "Silhouettes" express totally personal feelings, thinkings and interests of author. Based on main idea of Rasul's ex-project "Objectiv" new album is no more and no less than soundscape for the day-to-day life, work, rest, reflections and feelings. At times it's light and calm, other times it's melancholic and affecting, but inherently it's true and it's taken from real life.

01 Those Days
02 The Nest
03 Drive Me Home
04 11 Am
05 Ever Rest
06 Kaloev
07 Dogstar
08 Mechanical Bride

Calm Gothic - Ograv Torat

Year: 2010
Catalogue: LNL019
Genre: Ambient, IDM, Drone

01. Open Tarot
02. The Devil
03. The Empress
04. he Fool
05. Justice
06. Death
07. The tower
08. Chariot
09. Judgement
10. The Hermit
11. Wheel of Fortune
12. Close Tarot

Old Village - Infinito

Year: 2010
Catalogue: LNL018
Genre: Folk, Ambient

Old Village "Infinito" (2010, LP, LNL 018)

This is a conceptual album which translate the relation between the ancient world, rites and costumes and an unknown world, filled of prophecies, fears and wonder. This album explores many and different ambiences, with a spectral flavor, which leads the "Old Village" to gaze to the stars and unknown gods, fused with traditional old roots folk.
"Infinito" counts with the special participation of the musicians Miguel Ribeiro (vocals) and Bruno Silva (guitars).

Joao Ribeiro: Composition and Lyrics (keyboards, vocals, guitars, percussion, programming)
Miguel Ribeiro: Vocals (special guest)
Catarina Santos: Lyrics arrangement
Bruno Silva: Guitars arrangement on Destino and Abyss (special guest)

VA - Music Cares About You Better Than People

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL016

"We are trying to pay more attention to ambient, experimental and electronic styles in the 16-th of our releases.
We believe and know that these genres are treasures of the world of underground music and culture."
lomeanor netlabel

00. "Music cares about you better than people" (full mix)
01. Shinya Chiba - To Lomeanor
02. Earth Incubator - Flight To The Sun
03. Giwen Willingly - Put An End To My Resilience/March Of The Extinct Animals
04. Experimental Feelings feat. Luiza Raez - Ahora Mandas Tu
05. Q_snc - Cryognosis
06. Aevum Spiritus - Shade
07. Earth Incubator - D.A.D.
08. Abhorrent Beauty - Kopi av NDE
09. MOX - Hiram Abiff
10. Objectiv - Mechanical Bride
11. Aevum Spiritus - Velikije Luki
12. Aendlex - Stuck In Myself
13. Mindpaintings - Story Of A Depressed Girl (Standing On The Edge Of The Moterway Bridge)
14. Stanislav Rubyteno - Necrosphaira
15. Q_snc - Hiacinthus

Released by Lomeanor netlabel, 2009.

Lonsai Maïkov - The Smell Of Knowledge

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL014
Genre: Electro, Folk, Ambient

Lonsai Maïkov
The Smell of Knowledge
Ales//musique d'images and Aevum Spiritus

01 Prologos - Episemon (the insight invisible nature of words)
02 Hieland (engraved pain)
03 Nazareth (all of my sins in the sands)
04 Stone people
05 Passing by the spring of true life (see the darkest side of the soul)
06 Episemon - Epilogos (whispering archangel)

Music by:
Lonsai Maïkov for Passing by the spring of true life and Hieland
L M and Ales for Episemon I / II
Aevum Spiritus and LM for Nazareth and Stone people
All words and lyrics by Lonsai Maïkov, except words on Nazareth inspired by N.F. Fedorov and a
half on Prologos – Episemon inspired by P. Gadenne
All recordings, sounds manipulations and corruptions and regenerations
by ourselves
in the Spirit of Brittany and Russia,
during the Years of Grace 2008-2009 !
Exclusively for the sake of Lomeanor Net Label

Nosens - The Final Step

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL013

Nosens - The Final Step
Cat. Wild 061 & LNL 013
August 2009
Neo Orchestral / Ambient / Industrial

Tracklist :
01. Novus Ordo Seclurum _6:33
02. Nausea _3:19
03. XXXIII Degree _4:32
05. Blue Beam _4:28
04. N.W.O _5:41
06. Haarp _4:10

Nosens :
Wildness Records :

Aendlex - Nihil Drone

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL012
Genre: Ambient, Drone

This third work of Aendlex carries on the concepts of the previous one, that is searching for the ancestry of sound, conveyed through waves.

Music, lyrics, mixing, editing: Alex
Artwork: Erik

01. Age Of Aquarius
02. Unpredictable Zero
03. Falling As Flies
04. Signs Of Fate In Alex
05. Echoes Of Tomorrow
06. Beside The Battlefield
07. Stuck In Myself
08. Song For Marcy
09. Samhain
10. Wisdom In Greek
11. Pastbound
12. Blues Preacher
13. Outer Presences
14. Unnamed Phantom Is Joking

Olah Istvan - Signals To The North Horizon

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL011

"Signals to the North Horizon" is a new electroacoustic/ambient EP of Serbian composer Olah Istvan inspired by the researches of deadly but attractive North.
Long and exhausting expeditions, communications between researchers, sky above the ice landscapes and boundless horizon are expressed by the sounds of this EP.

Released by Lomeanor netlabel, 2009. Licensed under a Creative Commons
Music by Olah Istvan, artwork by Beam.
Olah Istvan:

Quentaro - Golden Sun

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL010

LNL 010 : Quentaro "Golden Sun"

After the year of Lomeanor existence and since the moment when our debut work was released we presents you our tenth release. For this time it's a second LP album of Quentaro.
It's hard for me to describe this album in all of it's beauty, because I'm the man behind Lomeanor and Quentaro too (and Objectiv, of course).
And it will be not honestly to praise myself simply for the fact of this album existence. So, dear friends, you must manage with this task by yourself. As I told before in one of interviews, Golden Sun must become a new page of the Quentaro's book of life. And I'm hoping that it will be right.
Download it, enjoy it and share it.
Rasul M.

01. Ifrit
02. Golden Sun
03. Bad day to die
04. Stars are our beloved storytellers
05. Betrayer
06. Sun ray song
07. Chant of the Sorcerer
08. In the fire of suffering the world is burns
09. Mechanisms of war (feat. IP Neva)
10. Demons

LNL 010: released by Lomeanor netlabel, 2009.
Artwork, recording, mastering: Rasul M.[Quentaro, Lomeanor].

Thank you for your interest!

VA - Spirits Nest

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL009
Genre: Neofolk, Ambient, Folk

Not so much time has passed since the first compilation of lomeanor was released.
This time we proudly present you our second V/A which will acquaint you with the
new works of artists creating folk, neo-classical and ambient music.

01. Verney 1826 - Ordo Fratrum Minorum (Tor I Edit)
02. A Journey of the Mind - In Solon’s Pipe
03. Q_snc - The Minority of A
04. Whispers of Ghosts - The Forest of Shadows
05. Vedan Kolod - У Нас Ныне
06. The Willow Landscape - The Death of the Troubadour
07. Turnavel - Du Sommeil Et Des Chats
08. Gorthorn - Frozen Heroes of the Great Battle of Ice
09. Symbiosis - Sol Indiges
10. Gothick - Ov Thee
11. Abhorrent Beauty - KURSK in memory of the dead
12. Quentaro - Chant of the Sorcerer

Spirits Nest: released by Lomeanor netlabel, 2009.
Compiled by Quentaro.
Cover and pdf: photos by Christlline (, design by Quentaro.

Special thanks to Christlline for the photos.