Ambient albums


Objectiv - From Monochrome Days

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL008
Genre: Electro, Ambient

"from monochrome days" is the debut EP of Russian electronic/ambient artist Objectiv (side-project of Quentaro). Objectiv focuses on creating of soundscapes for the day-to-day life, work, rest, reflections and feelings.

01 The Nest
02 11 Am
03 Dogstar
04 Mechanical Bride

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Quinta Lupinus - Asylum Ob Relictus

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL006

Project: Quinta Lupinus
Album/track: Asylum Ob Relictus (30:00)
Genre: Drone/Noise/Dark Ambient, EVP Experiments
Location: Pripyat/Ukraine; Moscow/Russian Federation

"Asylum Ob Relictus" is the area of alienation, the shelter for abandoned.
And only there you can see the brightest sun and the lightest sky...
Once, when it breaking forth on freedom, an invisible evil devours you from within every day... You can only guess how long you will live in this world.
If it’s possible to name this world inhabitable...

"Wolfish quint" is a joint project of two Ukrainian sound engineers and Russian electro musician Stanislav Rubyteno. In "Asylum Ob Relictus" you will hear the symbiosis of ambient music and records of "electronic voice phenomenon" in the Pripyat. The authors of these records are determined on staying unknown. They say: "The city is alive and it can be fixed"...
After 12 years, after the sounds of city was recorded by these Ukrainian guys it’s possible for you to hear them in musical editing of Stanislav Rubyteno.
This music is filled with the hidden meaning.

"Asylum Ob Relictus" will be really interesting for researchers of "paranormal music".

Sound equipment:
Pripyat: hand-made Psychophone of Seidl, Ìàÿê - 203, ñâåìà À4409-6Á,
microphone ÌÄ-66À
Moscow: Vermona Piano - Strings, PC

VA - We Rise Above

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL005

“We Rise Above” means that we are love and respect our Fatherlands, our traditions and true values. “We
Rise Above” means that we are still remember our history and our forefathers. “We Rise Above” means that
We Rise Above the hollow values, rotten morals and ignorance about true culture and history of our
Fatherlands and our Mother Earth.

01. Eldar - Belte Oa Ena
02. Eliwagar - North Lands
03. Vysoka - When Horizons Meet
04. Manzana Oscura - Hope In The Prison Of Despair (WRA version)
05. Prolepse - Clara-Lopes
06. Lonsai Maikov - La Peste De Cet Age
07 Art Of Empathy - Dusty
08 Leshak - Elovaya Kora
09 Quentaro - After The Battle
10 IP Neva - September Fog
11 Inner-voice - Strange Reality
12 Aendlex - Falling As Flies
13 Ouroboros - Lapis Niger

Released by Lomeanor net label, Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Republic of Russian Federation, 2008.
Compiled by Quentaro. Cover design and photos: Quentaro.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

Quentaro - Early Sound Experiments

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL003

In a waiting of the second full-length album of Russian neo-classical/ethereal project Quentaro
Re-mastered versions of 3 horrific cinematographic songs from the first demoCD of Quentaro "Kartiny Zvukom" ("Pictures by the sound"):

a. Seventh Monday (version)
b. Medieval witch hunting (modern phantasmagoria)
c. Homunculus: creation process

Quentaro – Rasul M.
Recorded and mixed by Quentaro in Almetyevsk, Republic Tatarstan of Russian Federation,
2006-2007. Re-mastered by Quentaro, 2008.
Cover design: Quentaro.
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Aendlex - Keeping On Looking For

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL002

“Keeping On Looking For” - another sound experiment of Aendlex - one man experimental/ambient/drone project from Rome, Italy.
Aendlex started at the beginning of 2007 as a "brain food" musical project that overturning the standard way of conceiving feelings and deeply see music as an everlasting and ever-changing research experiment.
The main difference between “Keeping On Looking For” and the previous "Si Sedes Non Is" is total lack of beats and a more ambient approach.

01 Open Road Artmosphere
02 Total Moon Eclipse
03 Glass Rupturing
04 Purple Shield Starship Landing (lyrics version)

Music, lyrics, mixing, editing: Alex
Mastering: Daniele Giustra
Cover design: Alex & Quentaro

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