Neo-Classical albums


VA - Nightwork

Year: 2010
Catalogue: LNL017

Small but meaningful compilation just because it was created from the songs that our friends presented to us for our 2nd anniversary (12 may 2010). Some kind of gift from the artists for us and from us to you, our dear listeners.
On this compilation you'll find works of Eldar and their side-project Asbaar, Art of Empathy, Verney1826, Nosens, The Willow Landscape, Aevum Spiritus and Morpheus. It seems like darkest and most gothic-sounding release of Lomeanor. Enjoy.
And thanks everyone who took a part in this work.

01. Asbaar - Cremata
02. Eldar - Dare Bericar
03. Nosens - Water's Memories
04. Verney 1826 - Usher & Udolpho
05. Morpheus - Serenitate
06. The Willow Landscape - The Farewell In The Fog
07. Art Of Empathy - The Design
08. Aevum Spiritus - Big She Bear

Nosens - The Final Step

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL013

Nosens - The Final Step
Cat. Wild 061 & LNL 013
August 2009
Neo Orchestral / Ambient / Industrial

Tracklist :
01. Novus Ordo Seclurum _6:33
02. Nausea _3:19
03. XXXIII Degree _4:32
05. Blue Beam _4:28
04. N.W.O _5:41
06. Haarp _4:10

Nosens :
Wildness Records :

Quentaro - Golden Sun

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL010

LNL 010 : Quentaro "Golden Sun"

After the year of Lomeanor existence and since the moment when our debut work was released we presents you our tenth release. For this time it's a second LP album of Quentaro.
It's hard for me to describe this album in all of it's beauty, because I'm the man behind Lomeanor and Quentaro too (and Objectiv, of course).
And it will be not honestly to praise myself simply for the fact of this album existence. So, dear friends, you must manage with this task by yourself. As I told before in one of interviews, Golden Sun must become a new page of the Quentaro's book of life. And I'm hoping that it will be right.
Download it, enjoy it and share it.
Rasul M.

01. Ifrit
02. Golden Sun
03. Bad day to die
04. Stars are our beloved storytellers
05. Betrayer
06. Sun ray song
07. Chant of the Sorcerer
08. In the fire of suffering the world is burns
09. Mechanisms of war (feat. IP Neva)
10. Demons

LNL 010: released by Lomeanor netlabel, 2009.
Artwork, recording, mastering: Rasul M.[Quentaro, Lomeanor].

Thank you for your interest!

VA - We Rise Above

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL005

“We Rise Above” means that we are love and respect our Fatherlands, our traditions and true values. “We
Rise Above” means that we are still remember our history and our forefathers. “We Rise Above” means that
We Rise Above the hollow values, rotten morals and ignorance about true culture and history of our
Fatherlands and our Mother Earth.

01. Eldar - Belte Oa Ena
02. Eliwagar - North Lands
03. Vysoka - When Horizons Meet
04. Manzana Oscura - Hope In The Prison Of Despair (WRA version)
05. Prolepse - Clara-Lopes
06. Lonsai Maikov - La Peste De Cet Age
07 Art Of Empathy - Dusty
08 Leshak - Elovaya Kora
09 Quentaro - After The Battle
10 IP Neva - September Fog
11 Inner-voice - Strange Reality
12 Aendlex - Falling As Flies
13 Ouroboros - Lapis Niger

Released by Lomeanor net label, Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Republic of Russian Federation, 2008.
Compiled by Quentaro. Cover design and photos: Quentaro.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

Quentaro - People On The Horizon

Year: 2008
Catalogue: LNL001
Genre: Neo-Classical

Quentaro – Mukhametzyanov Rasul. Recorded and mixed in Almetyevsk, Republic Tatarstan, Russian Federation, 2007-2008.

01 Our gods aren’t weeping with us
02 Malta Anar
03 Mother Russia
04 Strength reaches through sorrow
05 Smoke above the town
06 Ilkala Litse
07 Dawn that shines in your delighted eyes
08 Tenderness
09 Vision of Dreamland
10 Twilight forest’s heart
11 Procession of antiquity’s heroes

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