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Rasul Mono - Silhouettes

Year: 2011
Catalogue: LON001

Rasul Mono "Silhouettes"
Russian Federation, LP, 2011

Rasul Mono and his "Silhouettes" opens a new stage in Lomeanor's life and shows the current mood and musical preferences of our label.
Created during 2,5 year "Silhouettes" express totally personal feelings, thinkings and interests of author. Based on main idea of Rasul's ex-project "Objectiv" new album is no more and no less than soundscape for the day-to-day life, work, rest, reflections and feelings. At times it's light and calm, other times it's melancholic and affecting, but inherently it's true and it's taken from real life.

01 Those Days
02 The Nest
03 Drive Me Home
04 11 Am
05 Ever Rest
06 Kaloev
07 Dogstar
08 Mechanical Bride

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new release on Picpack: Fabio Keiner "Solar Storm II"

Fabio Keiner "Solar Storm II"
::: Abstract/Ambient/Drone; Austria :::

"Solar Storm II" is a sequel album from the skilled electronic artist Fabio Keiner

The album is a tribute to the solar soundscapes.
Fabio Keiner takes you to the dead sun full of ambient dronescapes. Hypnotizing sounds of the sun flow through the ambient galaxy into the dark river of music emotions.

new release on Picpack: usta "Monolith"

usta "Monolith"
::: Experimental/IDM; Russia :::

"Monolith" is a debute album of the project "usta" from Russia.

The album is based on the issue of understanding different emotions and the feelings hidden under them.
"Monolith" has been the credo for the last year due to various circumstances. It implied a purposeful rejection of emotionality, withdrawal into oneself, into one's own experiences in order to achieve catharsis and upward movement.

new release: Calm Gothic "Ograv Torat"

Calm gothic "Ograv torat"
::: Darkwave/Ambient; Russian Federation :::
"You wish sometimes to give all to know the future, do not you? To know in the morning what will happen in the evening. Or to know what will happen with you after months, years...I think not once you wished to receive answers to these questions. Do you think about your dreams and thoughts that appear sudden and like from nowhere? Whence it? What for?"

new review: Old Village "Infinito"

Soms durft een mens wel eens in herhaling vallen want wederom moeten we hier vertellen dat dit een release is die enkel via download te verkrijgen is, maar het goede van de zaak is : het is geheel gratis.

Je kan je blijven afstoten tegen de huidige “downloadisering” van de muziekscene maar als het grootste deel van de cd’s niet meer verkocht geraakt, moet je er iets met doen (je kan ook gewoonweg stoppen met naar nieuwe muziek te luisteren, maar daarvoor ben je geen muziekfan geworden).