Aendlex is a one-man experimental/ambient/drone project from Rome. Aendlex started in the beginning of 2007 as a "brainfood" musical project overturning the standard way of conceiving feelings and deeply see music as an everlasting and ever-changing research experiment.

Calm gothic - это музыкальный проект отшельника (one woman band), познающего себя через Ambient, Gothic. Или же стиль можете определить сами.
Calm gothic - это особое состояние, которое не описать словами. Музыка - тайна автора. Внутреннее я автора,стремящееся на волю. Создателем проекта является девушка.

Thessaloniky, Greece | folk/neo-classic/ambient

Greek project Leafsword (ex-Othala) that started in 2007 as an ambient band having influences of dark ambient, irish folk, and classical music.

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Band's name and sign revealed themselves in the fog of dreams and noises (at the time Thierry Jolif was bass player and composer in a local noise-cold-wave band, Mortus Delirium). A certain obsession with extremes, Russia & European mythologies as well as avant-gardes leads him in sonic experiments as well as folkish tunes, harsh, poetic and low-fi.

Nevinnomyssk, Russian Federation | neo-classical/medieval/gothic ambient

Project of Stanislav Rubyteno impregnated by the nature, spirituality, melancholy, sometimes even by tragedy and atmosphere.

NOSENS ist ein Einfrauprojekt der erst 23-jährigen Evelyne Manganese aus Frankreich, die bislang hauptsächlich in der Hardcore-Techno Szene aktiv war, und sich nun in die Bereiche des „Neo Classical Dark Ambient“ wagt, wie sie ihren Stil freimütig selbst beschreibt. Herausgekommen sind dabei rein elektronische Klangcollagen, die gerne den Soundtrack zu einem fiktiven Film bilden würden, aber oft nur relativ Sinnfrei im leeren Raum schweben.

Q_Snc stands for a futile attempt to infiltrate the quintessence of emotions like grief, melancholy, despair and everything that has an everlasting impact to an individual's psyche. Structured upon neo-classical foundations, yet bearing the ambiance of minimalism, medieval and baroque genres, and being versatile enough to include electronic elements partially or fully when needed in the synthesis - the music becomes a soundtrack of oppositions. The end result is intended to comfort the listener with a bittersweet taste, thus making the auditory experience suitable for those willing to experiment with the deepest nucleus of human nature.

Serbian composer

Old Village is an Ambient/Folk project, inspired by the ancient world's customs and the beauty/melancholy of nature. The predominant musical style is composed of dark/folk and ambient, influenced by legends, folklore, beliefs, landscapes, cosmos and visions of lost worlds.

Peter Kasen is a Independent and International Singer/Songwriter/Composer hailing from the United States. Peter Kasen is a name that should be heavily on your radar since 2016. His prominent vocals set the tone for an array of guitar instrumentation, that will truly strike a chord with your soul.

Almetyevsk, Russian Federation | neo-classical/ethereal

One-man project creating some kind of pictures in perception of the listener. In axis of Quentaro's works are history, respect to traditions and forefathers, wars, national cultures and nature's greatness.

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Moscow, Russian Federation + Pripyat, Ukraine | drone/noise/dark ambient, EVP experiments

Wolfish quint" is a joint project of two Ukrainian sound engineers and Russian electro musician Stanislav Rubyteno. Music of "Quinta Lupinus" will be interesting for researchers of "paranormal side".

Rasul Mono is a musician living in Russian Federation who works in the field of indiependent electronic styles. He started as one-man neo-classical project "Quentaro" in 2007 and founded Lomeanor netlabel in 2008. Of course neo-classical project can't express the personal feelings exactly of the day-to-day life and this has caused the creation of side-project that was named as "Objectiv". In 2011 Rasul Mono rids of aliases and starts to develop the main idea of "Objectiv" and works in totally personal direction and concentrates on creating of sounscapes that fits to his own thinkings, feelings and interests.