Lonsai Maïkov albums


Lonsai Maïkov - The Smell Of Knowledge

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL014
Genre: Electro, Folk, Ambient

Lonsai Maïkov
The Smell of Knowledge
Ales//musique d'images and Aevum Spiritus

01 Prologos - Episemon (the insight invisible nature of words)
02 Hieland (engraved pain)
03 Nazareth (all of my sins in the sands)
04 Stone people
05 Passing by the spring of true life (see the darkest side of the soul)
06 Episemon - Epilogos (whispering archangel)

Music by:
Lonsai Maïkov for Passing by the spring of true life and Hieland
L M and Ales for Episemon I / II
Aevum Spiritus and LM for Nazareth and Stone people
All words and lyrics by Lonsai Maïkov, except words on Nazareth inspired by N.F. Fedorov and a
half on Prologos – Episemon inspired by P. Gadenne
All recordings, sounds manipulations and corruptions and regenerations
by ourselves
in the Spirit of Brittany and Russia,
during the Years of Grace 2008-2009 !
Exclusively for the sake of Lomeanor Net Label