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Morpheus - Alkemiisto

Year: 2009
Catalogue: LNL004

Sometimes we would like to listen to a nighttime fairytale. Something enigmatic, mysterious and maybe sad... We would like to fall into this atmosphere and leave all burdens behind to fall asleep and to be a free.
“Alkemiisto” is the sad love story of young alchemist and princess, whose love differed with the public opinion. The melodies of Alkemiisto are wrapped by a shroud of mystery and a thoughtful fog of romanticism.

“The reason of “Alkemiisto” creation is the ascetic way of life and knowledge of my own fears.
I created it during 3 years, since 2001 till 2003.
I recorded and used the sounds of the basements for this album.
I used the materials of classic musicians.
So, I tried to show you really dark but beautiful nighttime fairytale.”

Stanislav Rubyteno

01. Uverturo
02. Alkemiisto et princino (M. Abeni, St. Rubyteno)
03. Nokte (F. Chopin, St. Rubyteno)
04. Carcer
05. Requiescat in pace
06. Valedictio cum corpus
07. Tristitia caeli (J. Bach, St. Rubyteno)
08. Amo eterna
09. Hymnus
10. In memoriam (A. Corelli, St. Rubyteno)
11. Suspiritus primus
12. Nova
13. Animakulto (A. Corelli, St. Rubyteno)
14. Tempus alatus
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Stanislav Rubyteno, Nevinnomyssk, Russian Federation, 2003.
Cover art: Stanislav Odyagailo.
Cover design: Stanislav Rubyteno & Quentaro.

Released by Lomeanor net label, 2008.
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License: