new release: Calm Gothic "Ograv Torat"

Calm gothic "Ograv torat"
::: Darkwave/Ambient; Russian Federation :::
"You wish sometimes to give all to know the future, do not you? To know in the morning what will happen in the evening. Or to know what will happen with you after months, years...I think not once you wished to receive answers to these questions. Do you think about your dreams and thoughts that appear sudden and like from nowhere? Whence it? What for?"

"Ograv torat" is the 3rd album of Russian one-woman project "Calm gothic". This work is inspired by the practical interest to tarot cards and it's some kind of musical reflection of powerful meaning of those cards (of some Senior Arcans, to be more concrete).
Beautiful gothic-oriented voice of Sindell, bright and atmospheric sounding of darkwave music and thematic artworks from Maria Sklepova makes this album a true gift for the fans of different posing of dark-scene.