published at 04/15/2010 - 03:02

We were quiet for a long time, but now we are ready to talk about some present and upcoming changes in the life of label. At the first, "distro" page was deleted. We want to say our "sorry" to Skeksis and FunerART for this decision. At the second newsletter function were temporally disabled too. This tool seems to us a bit superfluous for this website. Instead we opened the "News" page to get a possibility to socialize with you in more free form than static messages. And you know that updating rarely, therefore we added "Latest updates" block. It must be easy to use.
Good news: we will upload 2 new releases for the fans of folk and modern ambient very soon. We are sincerely hoping that you will stay with us. Thank you.

published at 10/16/2009 - 22:08

"Music cares about you better than people"
::: ambient, electronic :::

We are trying to pay more attention to ambient, experimental and electronic styles in the 16-th of our releases. We believe and know that these genres are treasures of the world of underground music and culture.
00| "Music cares about you better than people" (full mix)
01| Shinya Chiba - To Lomeanor
02| Earth Incubator - Flight To The Sun
03| Giwen Willingly - Put An End To My Resilience/March Of The Extinct Animals
04| Experimental Feelings feat. Luiza Raez - Ahora Mandas Tu
05| Q_snc - Cryognosis
06| Aevum Spiritus - Shade
07| Earth Incubator - D.A.D.
08| Abhorrent Beauty - Kopi av NDE
09| MOX - Hiram Abiff
10| Objectiv - Mechanical Bride
11| Aevum Spiritus - Velikije Luki
12| Aendlex - Stuck In Myself
13| Mindpaintings - Story Of A Depressed Girl (Standing On The Edge Of The Moterway Bridge)
14| Stanislav Rubyteno - Necrosphaira
15| Q_snc - Hiacinthus

published at 09/19/2009 - 20:54

Peter Matthew Kasen "Veer"
::: Acoustic/Folk; Netherlands :::

"Veer" is a current EP of really good songwriter, composer and guitarist Peter Matthew Kasen. "Veer" was released in USA as DIY in the beginning of 2009, in France by Record Label MEKA in July of 2009 and now it's added in our releases list as a result of nice and valuable collaboration between fans of free art.
We are glad to present you the new portion of high-quality music from new friend of Lomeanor netlabel.
01| Peter Matthew Kasen - Pennies in the pocket
02| Peter Matthew Kasen - Black Ink
03| Peter Matthew Kasen - Friendly Foe
04| Peter Matthew Kasen - Hindsight

published at 08/23/2009 - 13:33

Lonsai Maikov "The Smell of Knowledge"

::: Electronica/Acoustic/Christian; France :::

"The Smell of Knowledge" is a long-awaited album from our
friendly French project Lonsai Maikov (you could hear their work on
our "We Rise Above" compilation). 6 exclusive songs created in
collaboration between Lonsai Maikov, ales//musiques d'images and Aevum
Spiritus must make a good impression on you.
01| Lonsai Maïkov & Ales - Prologos - Episemon
02| Lonsai Maïkov - Hieland
03| Lonsai Maïkov & Aevum Spiritus - Nazareth
04| Lonsai Maïkov & Aevum Spiritus - Stone people
05| Lonsai Maïkov - Passing by the spring of true life
06| Lonsai Maïkov & Ales - Episemon - Epilogos

published at 08/23/2009 - 13:31

Review of Nosens "The Final Step" |
note: you can read original review at
the pages of

Nosens nos presenta su primer trabajo, llamado “The Final Step”, este EP contiene 6 canciones de música ambiental gótica (preciosa por cierto) que hará de vuestras delicias.

En el disco se une la música clásica con componentes más modernos, instrumentos tradicionales como violines o campanas con otros más modernos como música industrial a fin de hacernos llegar un ambiente gótico perfecto a nuestro salón o a nuestro local de copas preferido.

El Ep se compone de 6 canciones con una duración total de algo menos de media hora (lo cual es una verdadera pena por que se acaba cuando uno mas lo esta disfrutando) y su sonido es perfecto para leer, para hablar con los amigos, o para ver una tormenta de verano, personalmente lo encuentro igualmente perfecto para ambientar una partida de rol.

Pero lo que lo hace mas especial de todo es que el disco se distribuye gratuitamente a través de Internet, al final del artículo podréis encontrar el enlace para descargarlo.

Y es que el grupo ha elegido las firmas Wildness Records (Francia) y Lomeanor (Rusia) para distribuir su música, Wildness esta especializada en música extrem metal y Underground Electronic mientras que Lomeanor esta especializada en música gótica.

Ambas firmas distribuyen su música de forma gratuita y están abiertas a nuevos grupos si es que queréis contactar conillos, podéis hacerlo a través de su Web, cuyo enlace también está al final del artículo.

No puedo por menos que recomendaros que echéis un vistazo a ambas firmas y descarguéis alguno de sus grupos (de forma gratuita y legal) por que los hay verdaderamente buenos (como este).

No hay mucho mas que pueda deciros del grupo, me encantaría escribir algo acerca de los miembro del grupo (o la persona) que ha compuesto esta música pero la verdad es que no se da a conocer ni en las paginas de Wldness o Lomeanor ni en su propio Myspace, da la sensación de que compone y publica su música por amor al arte, una pena que a día de hoy ya quedan muy poquitos artistas que amen al arte suficiente como para hacerlo.
Kultura Gotika

published at 08/08/2009 - 08:05

Nosens "The Final Step"
::: Neo Orchestral/Ambient/Industrial; France :::
"The Final Step" fully befits to the preferences of Lomeanor and shows you a great deal in the music that so close and expensive for us.
We highly recommends you to download this release. Enjoy.
01| Novus Ordo Seclurum
02| Nausea
03| XXXIII Degree
04| Blue Beam
05| N.W.O
06| Haarp
*Released in association with Wildness Records.

published at 07/26/2009 - 09:41

Aendlex "Nihil Drone"
::: drone ambient :::

This third work of Aendlex carries on the concepts of the previous one,
that is searching for the ancestry of sound, conveyed through waves.


01| Age Of Aquarius
02| Unpredictable Zero
03| Falling As Flies
04| Signs Of Fate In Alex
05| Echoes Of Tomorrow
06| Beside The Battlefield
07| Stuck In Myself
08| Song For Marcy
09| Samhain
10| Wisdom In Greek
11| Pastbound
12| Blues Preacher
13| Outer Presences
14| Unnamed Phantom Is Joking

published at 07/26/2009 - 09:40

Olah Istvan "Signals to the North Horizon"
::: electroacoustic :::

"Signals to the North Horizon" is a new electroacoustic/ambient EP of Serbian
composer Olah Istvan inspired by the researches of deadly but attractive North.
Long and exhausting expeditions, communications between researchers, sky above
the ice landscapes and boundless horizon are expressed by the sounds of this EP.

01| Signals to the North Horizon

published at 07/26/2009 - 09:38

"Tim Traum from Ambione Foundation talks for you about music, biography and future plans of Lomeanor netlabel's crew in the air of russian "Ambione" radioshow ( One hour of music from our artists and more than detailed narration about Lomeanor's life and work available for download and listening.



Ambione Foundation is a music label and web community, connecting all people who want
to create and support ambient culture and abstract art. It is a wide opened resource where every talented
person who shares our ideas and philosophy can get our active support.

Goals and objectives:

1. Popularization and development of ambient / dark ambient / noise music in post soviet countries;
2. Creation of unique "slavonic ambient" school;
3. Development of our label;
4. Gathering talented musicians, artists, journalists and all other people who are interested in the idea of developing ambient culture;
5. Forming and developing of so-called "ambient philosophy", which can unite all people who are fond of atmospheric music and abstract art in one community / subculture;
6. Organization and holding of musical festivals, performances, concerts and other musical events;
7. Promotion of musicians into world ambient scene.

Ambione Foundation
Ambione Radioshow (by Tim Traum & Alex Shimbo)

published at 06/03/2009 - 19:45

"Music of the Lomeanor bands appeared in the 4-th issue of "An Enchanted Evening with CSK" radioshow of the F'NA XTREME webradio. You could hear it on the air since 27 of March till the 3-rd of June. Now you can download the show's record (take a look at the link below). Lomeanor says "thanks" to Kelly and F'NA XTREME for a good show!

"An Enchanted Evening With CSK"

Every Wednesday night at 9 pm, CSK takes you on a walk on the dark side, featuring the best of the gothic world.
Miss the original airing? Catch the repeat Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 8pm EST and Wednesdays at 2 pm EST! Only on F'NA!!