new release: "Music cares about you better than people" compilation

"Music cares about you better than people"
::: ambient, electronic :::

We are trying to pay more attention to ambient, experimental and electronic styles in the 16-th of our releases. We believe and know that these genres are treasures of the world of underground music and culture.
00| "Music cares about you better than people" (full mix)
01| Shinya Chiba - To Lomeanor
02| Earth Incubator - Flight To The Sun
03| Giwen Willingly - Put An End To My Resilience/March Of The Extinct Animals
04| Experimental Feelings feat. Luiza Raez - Ahora Mandas Tu
05| Q_snc - Cryognosis
06| Aevum Spiritus - Shade
07| Earth Incubator - D.A.D.
08| Abhorrent Beauty - Kopi av NDE
09| MOX - Hiram Abiff
10| Objectiv - Mechanical Bride
11| Aevum Spiritus - Velikije Luki
12| Aendlex - Stuck In Myself
13| Mindpaintings - Story Of A Depressed Girl (Standing On The Edge Of The Moterway Bridge)
14| Stanislav Rubyteno - Necrosphaira
15| Q_snc - Hiacinthus