new release: Old Village "Infinito"

Old Village "Infinito"
::: Dark Folk/Ambient; Portugal :::
This is a conceptual album which translate the relation between the ancient world, rites and costumes and an unknown world, filled of prophecies, fears and wonder. This album explores many and different ambiences, with a spectral flavor, which leads the "Old Village" to gaze to the stars and unknown gods, fused with traditional old roots folk.
Joao Ribeiro: Composition and Lyrics (keyboards, vocals, guitars, percussion, programming)
Miguel Ribeiro: Vocals (special guest)
Catarina Santos: Lyrics arrangement
Bruno Silva: Guitars arrangement on Destino and Abyss (special guest)


01| Da Ancestralidade ao Infinito
02| Na Rota do Espanto
03| Encantos Perdidos
04| O Despertar das Estrelas
05| Destino
06| Abyss
07| Aislin
08| Passagem por Sagittarius A
09| O Findar dos Temposr
10| Canção das Bruxas
11| Mar Antigo