new compilation: "Nightwork"

::: Dark Ambient/Gothic; International :::
Small but meaningful compilation just because it was created from the songs that our friends presented to us for our 2nd anniversary (12 may 2010). Some kind of gift from the artists for us and from us to you, our dear listeners.
On this compilation you'll find works of Eldar and their side-project Asbaar, Art of Empathy, Verney1826, Nosens, The Willow Landscape, Aevum Spiritus and Morpheus. It seems like darkest and most gothic-sounding release of Lomeanor. Enjoy.
And thanks everyone who took a part in this work.

01| Asbaar - Cremata
02| Eldar - Dare Bericar
03| Nosens - Water's Memories
04| Verney 1826 - Usher & Udolpho
05| Morpheus - Serenitate
06| The Willow Landscape - The Farewell in the Fog
07| Art of Empathy - The Design.
08| Aevum Spiritus - Big She Bear